There is a wide range of electrical services that you can choose from. Here is a run-down of the different categories of services and what you can expect from each of them.

Domestic Installing

We can undertake electrical installations in domestic houses and flats. In adherence to Part P of the Building Regulations, we can provide installations that, as assured by our own inspections, comply with stringent performance standards for electrical safety.

New build installations

Willett Electrical Services also offers its services to the new build market, from minor residential installations through to larger commercial projects. Whether it is working along side local building contractors or with the general public helping them build their dream home, we aim to deliver an outstanding service.

Commercial Electrical Installation

It is crucial for businesses to adhere to various regulations concerning electrical systems in the workplace. Incorrectly installed electrical equipment can not only endanger the staff, but also invalidate insurance. We can help to ensure that your company is complying with Electrical Safety Regulations.


We can install, repair or replace various types of lighting – including emergency lighting, energy-saving lighting, external lighting, estate lighting… even festive lighting!


Faulty wiring can seriously endanger a building’s users. We can not only identify faulty wiring, but also rewire where necessary – even if it means rewiring the entire building.

Inspecting & Testing

The electrical equipment in your building could include hidden dangers, or simply be less effective than you currently think. We can, however, inspect it to check for certain. We can also test it in a manner that does not pose any risk to you or the building’s users.

Condition Reports

Benefit from a more detailed insight into the condition of your electrical systems.

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